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The Report

We commissioned Boston Consulting Group to produce an independent analysis of where HK's successful Internet businesses are and what their future growth might look like.

What does the report tell us?

This report reveals just how big the HK's Internet economy is right now. It's worth HKD96 billion to the HK economy--5.9% of GDP. The report is also important because it tells us how big the HK's Internet economy could be in the future - growing by 7% per year, faster than forecasted GDP growth rate of 4%. Business-to-business e-commerce will be one of the key drivers of growth benefiting from mainland China's fast-growing export business. Online consumption and mobile Internet are the emerging forces that are expected to propel the territory's Internet economy, change consumers' behavior and give rise to the new business opportunities in advertising, banking and retail. Much of this is as a result of outstanding Internet infrastructure and an open and unrestricted online environment.

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